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Aesthetic dentistry

Free-hand aesthetic bonding, dental porcelain veneers, shape and color corrections, dental bleaching

 Teeth whitening

To get a celebrity smile
Teeth whitening will help you get a celebrity smile that will give you confidence. You will astonish everyone with your white teeth.
Why is it better to get a professional care than use available commercial goods?


 Professional whitening is the best solution to get the desired result without any risk. Your dentist will appraise the current condition of your teeth and offer you the most effective method for getting the appropriate result. Your dentist will explain to you how it works; he will monitor your procedure, reduce the sensitivity that can sometimes take place, and adapt the way of treatment if necessary.

At the dentist office: The application of the gel takes 30 minutes.
– You will see the result immediately. The procedure can be repeated up to three times during one appointment depending on the desired whitening effect.
– No dental models
– Only one appointment
– No lamps or lasers (without heating or dehydration effect)

Custom made: Mouth guard bridge is fixed on teeth. You can wear it any time, during the day or night.
– You have to visit the dentist twice to get better results for a long-term period.

Ready-to-use materials: Filled one-time mouth guard bridges.
-No dental models
-Only one appointment
-The mouth guard bridge made from heat-sensitive material takes the form of your teeth in a few minutes and fits perfectly. Your smile becomes whiter in a few days (clarification will be noticed on the fifth day of maximum 10-20 days depending on the desired whitening effect). Such mouth guard bridges should be worn 60-90 minutes a day.

  • Dental diagnostics is recommended before any whitening procedure.

  • It is recommended making calculus scaling before whitening.

  • Ceramic crowns, veneers and white fillings will not change shade with whitening.

  • Whitening is not for pregnant or nursing women and minor children.